This is a quick (ANYTHING MIGHT GO WRONG!) experiment created for fun! It doesn't reflect the actual operation of The Obsessive Drafter.

The board is public, anyone can see it and contribute. Be nice.

You may check this link: for more info and to contribute to the project (until the 1rst of February).

3D model of TOD from the actual project, crafted by Ghouyoum.

It has some bugs! Might need a good computer.
If it doesn't load after 1 or 2 minutes, hit refresh and wait a bit... ;)


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For posterity.

Got a sweet review from a cool guy!



Older drawings should fade out, otherwise it's a mess. The next feature would be a timeline so that you'd be able to see what was there in the past.

Anyway experiment is obviously going, I had to refresh only once! :D